The ULTRA Story

georgeULTRA Nutrition was founded in 2005 by George Whaley. Thirty years ago, George went through a period in life in which his health had suffered. Determined to rectify this condition, George turned to nutrition, which became the foundation of his current state of well-being. After restoring his health, his attention turned to his physical fitness which (with the inclusion of nutritional supplements) turned into an over 25 year and ongoing passion. Additionally with the use of his broad knowledge in nutritional supplements and exercise, he has competed in 11 NATURAL Bodybuilding Competitions which he continues to pursue to this day.

Prior to opening ULTRA Nutrition, George culminated both of his passions of nutrition and exercise and utilized them to become a successful, professional Personal Trainer. Even so, George wanted to do more. He wanted to help and educate an even larger audience which resulted in the opening the original “ULTRA Discount Nutrition” store (located on La Grange Road in Countryside Illinois). George continued to run the business at this location for over 9 years.

ULTRA Discount Nutrition has evolved over time. In 2015, George moved his business to a better location ( just a half a block away). He also decided to clarify the business’s objective by changing the name to its current “ULTRA NUTRITION of Countryside” or “ULTRA NUTRITION” for short. With renovations and upgrades, the new store offers a fresh, more spacious and updated appearance with new products to present to both returning and new customers.

The main reasons customers continue to frequent his store are due to variety, price and advice. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience along with vast customer feedback, George takes the time to consult with his customers about their specific needs which allows them to get highly informed advice and the best products. In doing so, he has established long-standing relationships with his customers who trust him to offer only honest, accurate advice which has been the key to the many years of success in serving the community.